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    Since the late 1990's the founder of The Reinvention Network, Dr Ron Beckett has been documenting and reflecting on industry experience, and exploring questions raised along the way with academic and industry colleagues. Some dominant themes are represented in the research sub-categories identified in this moodle site.

    It is not common for industry practitioners to document experience in a formal academic style, but sufficient benefit has been gained for it to become the norm for us. Benefits can be summarized as follows:

    •  A process of reflection on experience is induced. In most industry settings, once something is dealt with or implemented, practitioners just move on to the next task, and there is very limited diffusion of the knowledge gained. The practice of reflection and writing things down enriches the learning outcomes. 
    • In the formal academic style, it is expected there will be some research into what has gone before and some comparison of that with the current experience. It is expected that similarities and differences will be highlighted, based on a coherent method of data collection and analysis. This introduces elements of benchmarking and quality control. 
    • Documenting things may take some time. But understanding the nature a document to be produced at the completion of an activity can mean that information collected whilst undertaking an activity can be captured and organized in a structured way. This has the potential to save time. Conference papers are the most common outcome for a number of reasons. 
      • The production and review cycle times are relatively short. 
      • Our objective is knowledge diffusion, with an emphasis on content and relevance. 
    • And finally, there are opportunities to share experiences with like-minded people and identify opportunities for collaboration
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    Dominant Research Themes.

    The macro-level drivers are seen as:

    • The globalisation of business
    • Population growth and demographic change, generally leading to proportionally larger numbers of older people
    • The impact of consumption on non-renewable resources and the impact of human activity on ecological systems
    • Explosive growth in the volume of accessible knowledge

    The overarching theme in our research is the facilitation of creative change to enhance industry competitiveness.

    At the tactical level, themes of innovation, collaboration, gaining leverage from knowledge and addressing sustainability issues are our focus. At the operational level we explore best practice in the management of strategic change, innovation, collaboration, knowledge utilization and sustainability.

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    Some Documented Observations

    Our research has produced more than 100 publications. Some are in the form of book chapters, either being developed from selected conference papers or resulting from an invitation to submit something. Some articles have been published in international journals, and some have been published in conference proceedings. Some industry-oriented reports have been produced as an outcome of consulting assignments. A link to the current publications list is provided below.

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