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    National population profiles in many countries are showing an increasing proportion of older people. There is a tendency for people to retire from conventional employment earlier and remain healthy longer, leading to substantial number of people in a so-called 'Third Age' Group.The size and influence of this group is beyond anything experienced in the past, leading some to dub the 21st century as the 'silver century' (see links below).

    In this program we explore the consequences of these changes on the nature of entrepreneurship. Some people in the third age demographic group show entrepreneurial behaviour that leads to community benefits. Some of them start their own businesses because they cannot find regular employment. Some start their own businesses because they always wanted to but never had the opportunity. Some people invest and in and support startup businesses, and get great personal satisfaction from this. Others volunteer their leadership and entrepreneurial skills to support community initiatives. As in the broader population entrepreneurhip means different things to different people, as illustrated in the wikipedia links below. Another link provides access to a conference paper based on an exploratory study. 
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    Some Statistics

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    The General Topic of Active Ageing

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    A Typology of Third Age Entrepreneurs.

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    Policy Support for Entrepreneurship

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    Potential Third Age Entrepreneurship Barriers

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    Third age Entrepreneurship Opportunities

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    A Case Example: Entrepreneurship and the Third Age University (U3A)

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