Drawing on Community Knowledge
Learning to Compete
Sustaining the Corporate Memory
  • The purpose of this course is to test concepts that may be applied to a virtual internship program. In the first week the intern will undertake some orientation and project assignment activities. Project activities will be undertaken in weeks 2 - 4, and a reflection and review activity will be completed in week six. The assigned company mentor will assume the role of teacher and will undertake some grading activities.

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  • In the context of lifelong learning individuals may be regarded as students, learning something new to them or scholars reflecting on what they have learned through their life experience or on what they are learning in the case of emergent knowledge. In this topic we discuss approaches to the assessment of what has been learned.

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  • This program is about drawing on and developing the capabilities of employees to support creative change

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  • There are a variety of computer-based tools that are intended to stimulate learning and action through collaboration. In this program, we begin to list some of them and explore their utility.

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