• U3A (University of the Third Age) groups around the world provide recreational learning opportunities for senior citizens. Most courses are delivered in a traditional classrom style and some are available on-line.Some U3A's support discussion groups and research projects. In this subject we present procedures and living examples of the latter projects. 
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  • Traditional show-jumping is about how high the fences are and how fast a competitor can navigate the course. Ultimately, the athletic ability of the horse and its coordination by the rider have a strong influence on the outcome. In show-jumping equitation the emphasis is more on the rider and the precision and control shown in navigating the course. This program has been developed to help those wishing to learn more about the sport.

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  • Agile project management involves organising, prototyping and learning from a succession of iterations. It has become popular in software development, an is now being adapted to other applications. This course is intended to inform the use of Planbox, a particular tool using such ideas. Information on another popular tool, JIRA is included

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