Knowledge Management

A 34 minute video from Professor John Bessant called Managing Knowledge Spaghetti give some views on the innovation journey in the context of the knowledge economy and open innovation - . The point made is that innovation is all around us and that knowledge flows facilitate innovation.

Some organisations see knowledge as an asset that can be packaged and traded, for example in licencing patents or embedding knowledge in software. This view tends to encourage building stocks of knowledge. Others see it as personally held understanding that informs appropriate action in particular circumstances where value is obtained through interaction and flows of knowledge. Whichever view dominates, three activities are necessary to extract value from knowledge: enunciate/externalise/employ

Organisations that obtain leverage from knowledge available to them may adopt operational routines to share what an organisation 'knows' and embed such knowledge in its products and practices. This collection is sometimes referred to as a 'corporate memory.

We are using two tools to accumulate and share our knowledge:
- The learning lab - supporting action research (, and
- A publicly accessible wiki has been established to share what we have learned and continue to learn from both research and practice with a practitioner community. (
Both should be regarded as an ongoing work-in-progress