The Innovation Landscape

There are a multiplicity of ways an enterprise can be innovative. The OECD Oslo Manual providing guidelines for collecting and interpreting innovation data defines four types of innovations that encompass a wide range of changes in firms’ activities: product innovations, process innovations, organisational innovations and marketing innovations. A radical innovation may require action in all of these to deliver value to the innovator and the user, whilst incremental innovation may only involve one. The nature of the enterprise mission - production of goods, delivery of services, for-profit or not-for-profit also conditions the kinds of innovation activity that make sense. An enterprise may be innovative in the way it operates and delivers value internally and externally, in the way it collaborates with its supply chain, or in the way it integrates with its regional political and innovation system. Finally, an enterprise may be innovative in the way it goes about innovation, e.g. embracing open innovation concepts. What combination would make sense for your enterprise?

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