Creative Change

The impact of globalisation, new technologies, an explosion in accessible knowledge and the need to do more with less will require ongoing change in many different kinds of organizations. But what should be changed and why? Where and when should the change be implemented, and how can we extract value from it? Our focus is on strategic intent and strategic initiatives combined with organisational capability and capacity to confront both the threats and opportunities that this situation creates. We facilitate creative change using our E3 tools - innovation, collaboration and obtaining leverage from knowledge singly or in combination. The navigation sidebox provides links to more information about these tools.

We embrace the notion of orchestrating networks of actors, activities and resources to implement change, recognising that in each instance there will be a different starting point dependent on change readiness, prior experience, capability and capacity and a different end point depending on the nature and scale of change anticipated.

Should/can we continue to do business in the same way, engaging with our traditional market or do we need to move to a new market?

Enterprise reinvention involves doing something different whilst building on past strengths. Some aspects of interactions within and external to the enterprise are likely to change, and new knowledge may be both required and generated in the process of reinvention, particularly when moving away from current practice. Four potential responses are:
- Reinvent Engagement (same market, same business model) Expand accessible market / increase market share
- Reinvent Offering (same market, new business model) Change product/service bundle and resourcing arrangements
- Reinvent Market (new market, same business model) Use existing capabilities to access new industry sectors
- Reinvent Organisation (new market, new business model) Develop new capabilities and networks to access new industry sectors