We want to help clients learn how to compete in a complex environment and change over an extended period of time, not just offer a packaged solution that might provide temporary improvement. In doing this we recognise that for many clients, maintaining efficient current operations whilst introducing innovative change is a complex issue, as is considering a diversity of options to support future growth in parallel. So different interventions will be required at different times, and we can help determine the most appropriate one.

Most organizations find ways to get maximum leverage out of their financial and physical assets, but how many have a similar approach to their knowledge assets? In some companies like Microsoft, knowledge assets form a substantial part of their market value. An innovative firm can get almost anything made anywhere in the world today, so it's underlying value is in mobilising what it "knows". We will take a knowledge view of an enterprise that enables it to be seen in ways that complement the more traditional physical and information systems views. For example: would franchising some aspect of your current operations make sense? We aim to support clients to establish their own unique evolution of sustainable enterprise directions using that knowledge.

Whilst individual members of The Reinvention Network will bring their own personal experiences to an assignment, they will also have access to others who can provide special tools or offer different expertise to deal with issues that arise as the client enterprise evolves.

The primary client interaction practices utilised are mentoring, and innovation process assessments that use a variety of tools to creatively explore future options for the client organization. We offer a range of collaborative contracting arrangements, to meet the needs of individual clients at different times.


Whilst the arrangements between individual clients and individual Reinvention Network members will be negotiated on a case by case basis, there are three generic forms of collaboration available: research, consulting or risk sharing. And over time, arrangements may change from one form to another.

In a research oriented collaboration:
The objective is to support the client organization in learning about the real issues confronting it by using structured research practices in collaboration with a university partner.
The client would be expected to pay some out-of-pocket expenses and some fixed contribution towards the research program.
The client organisation becomes a case study for comparison with other organisations in a similar position, and for student analysis purposes, to provide a variety of views of its current position and options for the future. The rationale is that whilst each client is unique, there are many enterprises around the world confronting similar issues, and we use University networks and reference facilities to identify these.
Intellectual Property generated through this research remains with The Reinvention Network, who may use it to create value in terms of reference material or enhanced methodologies.

In a consulting oriented collaboration:
The objective is to stimulate the clients transition to a sustainable new enterprise direction whilst balancing efficiency in current operations and the dynamics associated with innovative change through an number of short interactions that have minimal disruption to the enterprise.
A $/hour or $/day fee will be negotiated, the value of which will depend on the duration and the nature of the assignment.
Retainers may be negotiated for an on-going Mentor program or Advisory Board role.
The client organization progressively learns how to reinvent itself in the context of a longer term strategic view of its new direction.
Intellectual property arising from the collaboration remains with the client.

In a risk-sharing collaboration:
The objective is to achieve agreed short term enterprise goals that will innovatively enhance current operations and help progress towards longer term change.
Consulting fees may be linked to some measure of success and benefit sharing arrangement.
Consulting fee payment may be deferred according to an agreed schedule and an agreed future value, or treated as equity in some way.
The client organization will achieve a number of small, but significant successes aimed at creating a positive environment for the long term reinvention process, and will learn to develop appropriate key success factors.
Intellectual property generated will remain with The Reinvention Network, who may use it to create value in terms of reference material or enhanced methodologies.

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