We operate at the industry/academia interface, stimulating and supporting consulting and research projects. Our founder, Dr Ron Beckett. is an industry practioner continually seeking better ways for firms and not-for-profit organisations to survive and prosper in a dynamically changing environment.

An Underlying Premise
In a dynamically changing world it is anticipated that from time-to-time individuals and enterprises may have to 'reinvent' themselves. This will involve some interplay between stimulating and implementing innovative ideas, learning new things and implementing change. Some external assistance may be required facilitate the process of reinvention. What is learned should be shared to the extent permitted by confidentiality requirements to obtain leverage from the knowledge of others, adopting a kind of open-source strategy. The benefits of the open source approach were demonstrated during PhD studies undertaken in the 1990's in collaboration with other researchers from different organisations (see for example, with researchers from a Dutch organisation, Sioo - http://www.sioo.nl/nl/2026-English.html)

Some History
When Dr Ron Beckett established the Reinvention Network International in 2000 to help clients with their journey to a new place, a website and hosting arrangement was established as a means of attracting business and sharing experience. The site was developed by a marketing company and required some specialist expertise to maintain. Experience over the years was that it was hard to keep up-to-date and that people may look it up to get a little more background on the organisation, but personal networking was a more successful business development mechanism.

Over the following decade, other web-based tools were trialed to support collaborative project work by geographically seperated teams and to explore knowledge acqisition/sharing arrangements. Search engines provided very effective search tools, but then the question of how to organise all the information collected arose. Cloud computing and expanded global webhosting facilities offering access to open source software provided new possibilities for synchonised collaborative work. Evolving ICT infrastructure offered on-line social networking possibilities and new ways of working.

In 2012, a project exploring the utility of more powerful content management systems and learning aids was initiated via a new entity, reinventnet.org. This informal network of management practitioners and academics has been structured so it can take on for-profit or not-for-profit research and consulting projects drawing on a suite of tools described elsewhere in this website.

Our Research
Further information about our research and publications are presented in our Learning Laboratory facility at http://reinventnet.org/moodle/course/view.php?id=24